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Boost Your Home’s Comfort & Save with Free Cavity Wall Insulation from S6Energy

Boost Your Home’s Comfort & Save with Free Cavity Wall Insulation from S6Energy

Transform your chilly house into a cozy haven with S6Energy’s free cavity wall insulation. Say goodbye to drafts and hello to snug comfort under the ECO4 scheme!


What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Most homes built after the 1940s have a gap, or cavity, between the inner and outer walls. This air space was originally designed to prevent moisture from seeping into the inner walls. However, it also acts as a heat escape route, allowing precious warmth to leak during colder months.

Here’s where cavity wall insulation comes in. This process involves filling the cavity with a special insulating material, like mineral wool, rockwool, or polystyrene beads. This creates a thermal barrier, trapping heat inside your home and keeping the cold air out.

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How do you know if your Home Needs Cavity Wall Insulation?

How do you know if your Home Needs Cavity Wall Insulation?

Here are some signs that it might be time to consider it:

  • Drafty rooms, especially near exterior walls.
  • High heating bills despite using your heating system regularly.
  • Cold walls to the touch.
  • A house built before 1990 (without pre-installed insulation).

If any of these sound familiar, checking your eligibility for the ECO4 scheme is a great next step. This government-funded initiative grants energy-saving measures like cavity wall insulation, making it an even more attractive option.


What is ECO4 Scheme and How do I Qualify?

ECO4 is a program designed to encourage energy-saving measures in UK homes, particularly those with low energy efficiency.

By providing grants and funding for initiatives like cavity wall insulation, it aims to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.
  • Help vulnerable households cope with rising energy costs.
  • Improve the overall energy efficiency of UK homes.

If your home meets the following criteria, you could be eligible for free cavity wall insulation under the ECO4 scheme:

  • Built after 1945: Homes built before this typically lack cavity walls or existing insulation.
  • Has cavity walls: Check your walls (usually between bricks and plasterboard) or consult a registered installer like S6Energy for confirmation.
  • Has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F, or G: This indicates potential for significant energy savings through insulation.
  • You receive certain benefits: This includes Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, and more.

How does the Process of Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

Cavity wall insulation is a process used to reduce heat loss through the walls of a building by filling the gap or cavity between the inner and outer walls with an insulating material.

 Here is a general overview of how cavity wall insulation works:

Assessment: Before starting the insulation process, a professional will assess whether your walls are suitable for cavity wall insulation. Not all walls are suitable, as there should be a gap (cavity) between the inner and outer walls.

Preparation: The installation team will start by drilling small holes at regular intervals along the exterior walls of the building. These holes are typically drilled from the outside, so there is minimal disruption to the interior of the property.

Cleaning: After drilling the holes, any debris or obstructions within the cavity are removed to ensure a clean and effective insulation process.

Insulation Material Injection: The chosen insulation material, often a foam or mineral wool, is then injected into the cavity through the drilled holes. The material fills the gap between the inner and outer walls, creating a barrier that reduces the transfer of heat.

  1. Foam Insulation: This is often a polyurethane foam that expands to fill the cavity. It hardens and creates a solid insulating layer.
  2. Mineral Wool Insulation: This can be in the form of loose-fill or blown mineral wool. It fills the cavity and provides thermal insulation.

Finishing: After the insulation material is injected, the drilled holes are sealed or plugged with a material that matches the exterior of the building, ensuring a neat and inconspicuous finish.

How does the Process of Cavity Wall Insulation Work?
What to Expect from the Installation Process

What to Expect from the Installation Process?

Getting your cavity walls insulated is a breeze with S6Energy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free consultation: We’ll visit your home to assess your suitability for the ECO4 scheme and answer any questions you may have.
  • Quick and efficient installation: Our experienced technicians will complete the installation in a day or two, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • Clean and tidy finish: We clean up after ourselves, leaving your home spotless and ready to enjoy.

No mess, no fuss, just warmth and savings!

Check eligibility today and enjoy a warmer home!

Why Us

Why Choose S6Energy for Cavity Wall Insulation Grant?

Here’s why we stand out:

  • Experienced and qualified: Our team of experts has years of experience installing cavity wall insulation in homes of all shapes and sizes. We’re certified by the relevant bodies and follow the strictest quality standards.
  • Top-notch materials: We use only the highest-quality insulation materials from trusted manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  • Hassle-free installation: We understand that home improvements can be disruptive. Our technicians are efficient and tidy, minimizing any inconvenience and leaving your home clean.
  • Excellent customer service: We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, providing clear communication and responsive support throughout the entire process.

Plus, with the ECO4 scheme, you can enjoy your new insulation completely free!

FAQs Cavity Wall Insulation Grant

The most common questions about the Cavity Wall Insulation Grant.

Will cavity wall insulation make my home warmer?2024-07-01T22:35:47+00:00

Yes, cavity wall insulation improves thermal performance, making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

How much will I save on my energy bills?2024-07-01T22:35:20+00:00

You can expect to save between £200 and £500 per year on energy bills after installing cavity wall insulation, depending on your property and energy usage.

What does the installation process involve?2024-07-01T22:34:51+00:00

Similar to other cavity wall insulation, small holes are drilled in the external wall, insulation is blown in, and the holes are filled and sealed. The process takes around a day for a typical house.

How much of the cost is covered by the grant?2024-07-01T22:29:01+00:00

ECO4 grants can cover the full cost of cavity wall insulation installation in eligible cases. This usually ranges from £500 to £1,200 depending on your house size and the specific scheme within ECO4.


How to Apply for the Cavity Wall Insulation Grant?

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Submit Application

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Get Free Survey

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